March 2008 Meeting

At the March 20 meeting, Lorn Olsen (from our sister Mac User club in Ann Arbor) explains what VoIP is (Voice over Internet Protocol – a technology that can be used to lower your phone bills), the different types of VoIP and equipment, cost, how to setup, how to use, and a customer satisfaction survey he put together based on the different types of broadband services.

This is the third month where we feature a session we call MacGurus where paid up members can get one-on-one help for a few minutes with knowledgeable members of our group. MacGurus will start at 6:00. Your turn will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so get there early. Get organized with your question because if others are waiting, we will limit your session to 10 minutes. (You may be able to arrange an outside meeting if you need more time.) We’re limiting MacGurus to a half hour (three 10-minutes sessions) since we don’t want our gurus to miss the main meeting. And besides, we need them to answer questions during the Q & A.

We’re working on a way for you to sign up for a session ahead of time and even ask questions online, but it’s not all in place yet. Watch this space next month.

6:30 Q & A – This is our regular session open to everybody.

David Smith from Capitol Macintosh has generously donated a second iPod Shuffle to be included in our raffle this month!

You must be a paid up member to pick up your free ticket at the door. What a value for your $20 membership!

Also, Eldrid Crawford has donated the MacHeist bundle she won last month back to the club. (She decided that as a beginner, she has enough new programs to deal with.) We’ll be raffling off the individual parts this month – but with a twist. We’ll announce each piece of software and read the description. Then, only those members who are interested in that item will toss in their tickets. Your odds of winning something you really want go up astronomically!

The bundle includes 13 software applications (Snapz Pro X is no longer part of this bundle.) The specific items and their value are listed below and a short description of each app is below that. For more complete information go to their website t

See you there!