LAMALUG Founding Member Passes

It is with great sorrow and shock that I write to tell you about the death of Ed Noonan, one of the founding members and former long-time president of LAMALUG. On February 19, Ed went into the hospital to have a shoulder replacement. As I understand it (without having all the details), after coming out of recovery and going back to his room, he had a heart attach and died.

Ed was a huge supporter of Apple products and his franchise in Alaska sold so many machines that he was invited to Apple headquarters and given an award by Steve Jobs himself. He continued to have the ear of people high up in the product development chain. At our weekly lunch he would tell us about suggestions he was making and we would see products emerge a few years later based on his ideas.

Ed was also a gifted attorney whose memory for minute details in complicated cases made him in great demand to handle multimillion dollar lawsuits by large corporations. If all that weren’t enough, he was an avid bicyclist and member of the Tri-County Bicycle Association. He rode his bike from the tip of Florida to the furthest point in Alaska and posted daily updates about his trip on his website. This was ten years ago when the internet wasn’t quite what it is today. He had just completed a book about the journey, which was nearing publication.

There are so many amazing stories I learned about Ed over the years, it’s impossible to even list them here. Suffice it to say that I will miss him greatly.

A memorial service will be announced at a later date.

Jonathan Stars, Vice-President