LAMALUG at Capital Macintosh

Thursday, April 17, 6:30 PM

ROAD TRIP! (Again)

On Thursday, April 17th, we’ll “meet” at the newly remodeled Capital Macintosh (1915 E. Michigan Ave.) at 6:30.

Please RSVP by April 8th so they can plan for refreshments. Email [email protected] or call 517-351-9339.

Register for door prizes (there will be some good ones) – along with some “freebies.”

In honor of Apple’s 30th year they’re sponsoring a “My First Mac” contest.

Send RogerRay your “My First Mac” story by April 10th before 5:00 PM. Your story gets you entered for a grand prize. Email your entry to [email protected] or drop by with a printed copy. All stories will become the property of Capitol Macintosh and may be used for promotional material.

We’ll check to see how everyone feels about our usual afterglow at the Pizza House. If we do decide to go there and you’ve never been before, it’s in the Hannah Plaza at 4790 S Hagadorn Rd #116

We’ll bypass our usual raffle this month.