June 2010 Meeting

On Thursday, June 17th, LAMALUG will present a program on DATA BACKUP at our regular meeting location at Lansing Community College in downtown Lansing, Michigan.

Our resident Apple Gurus will be available for members in the main meeting room, Arts and Sciences (A&S) Building Room 007 in the basement starting at 6:15 PM.  Also at 6:15 PM, the MacBasics Special Interest Group (SIG) will meet just down the hall in room 165. The topic for the MacBasics SIG will be “Practicing Safe Browsing.”

“Practicing Safe Browsing” will cover using Safari and other common Web Browsers (such as Firefox and Opera).  We will go over the common preference settings and what they mean, and cover the basics of conducting safe financial transactions online.

Our main meeting will begin with a brief general question and answer session at 7:00 PM, and the feature presentation on Data Backup will start at 7:30 PM by explaining why backing up your data is vital.  We will go over the fundamentals of how backing up data is done, and cover some of the common terms used.  Our expert team of presenters will show you how to set up and start backing up using a number of applications.  We will feature Mike Bombich’s CarbonCopyCloner, Shirt Pocket’s SuperDuper, Apple’s Backup.app (part of a Mobile Me account) and TimeMachine (part of OS-X 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard) , and ProSoft Engineering’s Data Backup 3.

For current members, we will be raffling off a copy of both Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper at the end of the meeting.  (They will be .dmg files on brand new 4GB flash drives!)

Be sure to come to our July non-meeting: Our member’s raffle in July will be a copy of ProSoft Engineering’s Data Backup 3 for Mac.  We’re having a picnic in Francis Park in Lansing in July.  Burgers and hot dogs will be provided, but we are ask that everyone bring something to share. You can sign up on our PBWorks Wiki page to let everyone know what you’re bringing. (You will need to create a free account, in order to edit the page. This is new to all of us, so please be patient as we work out the bugs!)

In August, the main presentation on iPhoto will show you what to do with those great photos you took over the summer.

In September, LAMALUG will have a different feel to the main meeting.  We will have a “Demo Fair” put on by you, the members.  Sign up to tell us just one thing about something you do on your Mac.  You will have 5 minutes to demonstrate your application or trick, and then 5 minutes to answer questions.  In order to make room for as many members as possible, we will begin the main meeting promptly at 7:00 PM. The sign-up form will be available on our PBWorks page soon.

See you there!