Jan 2008 meeting

iPhone iPod Touch

NOTICE: Our usual room is not available this week, so we have moved to room 006 of the Arts and Sciences building (located in the basement).

For our January 17 meeting we will have a hands on demo of iPhone and iPod Touch with Shawn Neal and Tim Mulbrandt who work at the Apple store inside Best Buy in Okemos. Jonathan Stars said he saw the online demos of these products and was impressed. But going to the Apple Store and actually trying them out gave him a whole new perspective on “cool!” If you haven’t put your hands on one of these, make sure you get to this meeting.

Also at the meeting this week:


We are starting a feature we call MacGurus where paid up members can get one-on-one help for a few minutes with knowledgeable members of our group. MacGurus will start at 6:00. Your turn will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so get there early. Get organized with your question because if others are waiting, we will limit your session to 10 minutes. (You may be able to arrange an outside meeting if you need more time.) We’re limiting MacGurus to a half hour since we don’t want them to miss the main meeting. And besides, we need them to answer questions during our Q & A.


This month marks the beginning of the LAMALUG Raffle! You must be a paid up member to pick up your free ticket at the door. Based on attendance for the last few meetings, your chance to win is about 50/50. What a value for your $20 membership!

We’re breaking apart a software bundle from Mac Heist. The bundle includes 11 software applications which we will raffle individually during our meeting. (Pay your dues.) The specific items and their value are listed below and a short description of each app is below that. For more complete information go to their website. They’ll even let you download a demo.