iOS update & Apple Phone 6S

At 6:30, Thursday, September 17, John Dowling and Gerry Felipe may talk to us about the iPhone 6S and updates to the iOS. I use the word “may,” because it depends on how much Apple reveals in the days before our meeting, and how much time our experts have to spend with the iOS. Regardless, we will meet as usual and discuss other topics that come up.

We’ll be in room 161 of the Comm Arts building on the MSU campus.

LOCATION & PARKING INFO. Here are two links to maps:

Parking map #1

Parking map #2

If you use the first map, it’s the balloon marked with the letter “A” over on the right side (you may have to scroll the map a little). If you expand and zoom in on the map you’ll see the parking ramp just to the south where we have free parking starting at 6:00. (There are meters, but you don’t have to feed them after 6 PM.) Come in the doors closest to the parking ramp. Rooms 165 and 161 are on the north side of the building (far from the parking ramp). Look for the LAMALUG signs on the doors and in the hallways.