FileMaker Pro

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Databases are everywhere. A huge database is behind those Google searches everybody does. On August 21st Jonathan Stars will introduce us to the FileMaker Pro database. A database is sort of a glorified Rolodex, but you’re not limited to names and addresses. For example FileMaker can be used as a To-Do list or a tracking tool for your CD collection or to run a business complete with customer lists, inventory, and invoicing.

 Jonathan has built database systems for bakeries, building inspectors, telephone directory companies, publishers, schools, movie makers and associations. He even helped a police department track evidence in a murder case. He is the author of seven editions of Learn FileMaker Pro for Wordware Publishing.

 Come to this meeting and find out what you might use it for. We’ll be in room 161 of the Comm Arts building on the MSU campus.

 FileMaker, Inc. is owned by Apple. If you want to know more before the meeting, click here.