Feb 2008 meeting recap

Congratulations to Joseph Yarbrough who won the iPod Shuffle which was generously contributed by David Smith of Capitol Macintosh.

Another big congrats goes out to Eldrid Crawford who pulled in the big whopping prize (14 software titles in all) from MacHeist

In March, look forward to Lorn Olsen as he explains what VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is, the different types of VoIP and equipment, cost, how to setup, how to use, and a customer satisfaction
survey he put together based on the different types of broadband services.

Basically VoIP is a technology that can be used to lower your phone bills. It is forecasted that by
the end of 2008 there is expected to be 24 million subscribers and 55 Million by 2009. Lorn Olsen from DynaComm Corporation will be our guest speaker.

See you there!