Capitol Macintosh

Thursday, February 20—Capitol Macintosh

NOTE: We’re back in room 165.

This month David Smith, owner of Capitol Macintosh, will show us the big remodel job they just completed—all the better to serve us with Apple sales and support. He’ll also bring along one of the new machines from Apple, and there’ll probably be a few added goodies for our raffle. (Are your  dues paid up?)

When something goes wrong with your Mac, you could drive to Novi or Grand Rapids. Roundtrip: 120 miles, $25 gas, 2+ hours. OR you could go to Capitol Macintosh. And they’re not just a repair shop. They sell Macs, too. Because of the way Apple works pricing with their retailers, you’re not likely to profit by driving elsewhere. Many of our members don’t realize what we have right here in town. http:

 Click to see the store.

1915 E. Michigan Avenue

(517) 351-9339