Apple’s September Event Keynote

On Thursday, September 15, we’ll look at highlights from Apple’s Keynote Address from last Wednesday’s Apple Event where they announced updates to the Apple Watch, iOS, and ten major features for the iPhone.

Members can also ask our gurus questions, share Mac-topics of interest, or just plain socialize.

SPECIAL NOTE: For the next few months we’ll be in room 155 of the Comm Arts building on the MSU campus.

Rough meeting schedule:

6:30 – General Meeting

8:00 – Raffle drawing

8:30 – Pizza House afterglow

Come to the afterglow at the Pizza House restaurant in the Hannah Plaza at 4790 S Hagadorn Rd #116 following the meeting.


Open to all attendees.

LOCATION & PARKING INFO. Here are two links to maps:

Parking map #1

Parking map #2

If you use the first map, it’s the balloon marked with the letter “A” over on the right side (you may have to scroll the map a little). If you expand and zoom in on the map you’ll see the parking ramp just to the south where we have free parking starting at 6:00. (There are meters, but you don’t have to feed them after 6 PM.) Come in the doors closest to the parking ramp. Rooms 155 is on the north side of the building (far from the parking ramp). Look for the LAMALUG signs.