All About Backups

At 6:30 this Thursday, May 16, Andy Leigh, Technical Officer for the London (UK) Mac User Group, will share his knowledge about backing up: why, what, and how you should. He’ll discuss products and services available, with special emphasis on the need for multiple backups and the virtue of local and remote backups; convenience, availability and security.

Andy Leigh is a software engineer based in London, UK. His company, Baconium, develops mobile apps. In his spare time, Andy enjoys photography, sampling cider, voiding warranties, tinkering with the Raspberry Pi & Arduino, and spends far too much time flying Internet spaceships in EVE Online. You can find him online: @LongBall on Twitter,,

Jonathan Stars said, “I spent years advising my clients about proper backups and thinking I had a pretty good system in place. And I did. I just had to use it regularly. And I didn’t. Then came the day my hard drive went down. I smirked and reached for my backup drive. My Mac said, ‘This drive has been damaged and is unreadable.’

‘What?!’ I choked on the the word because my heart was already in my throat.”

Come to this meeting and follow his directions. Then you won’t come to a future meeting and tell us your hard-luck, hard-drive horror story.

WHERE: Room 165 on first floor on the north side of Communication Arts building (WKAR) on MSU campus.

Free parking after 6:00 PM in the ramp on the south side of the building.